Sunday, January 27, 2013

Future Timeline

1. driverless cars
2. advanced augmented reality
3. contact lenses and glasses allows you to watch tv, browse the web, or video phone someone, augmented reality access as well
4. graphics indistinguishable from reality in video games
5. ultra high definition tv
6. computers are invisible and embedded everywhere, walls, tables, desks, clothes, jewelry, and bodies
7. 1 human brain capacity in desktop computers
1. holographic tv
2. nanofactories everywhere, get furniture, electronics, consumer goods, cars, clothes, appliances, jewely, accessories, products, even food for little or no cost

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Future and the Endless Chain of Coherents

By the 2030s virtual reality allowing the user to be absolutely omnipotent will exist. This will in turn allow the user to do whatever he/she wants in their own virtual simulation regardless how bizarre or infinitely logically impossible it may be. Meaning the user could instantly transform into a favorite celebrity, turn into an atom, morph into tree, change the environment to whatever the user pleases, etc.. For the extreme, the user could morph into an infinitely tall monster that destroys galaxies, turn into a trillion hurricanes that wreaks havoc upon an infinitely large world filled with metropolitan cities, make 2+2 equal fish even, become infinitely intelligent, know how it feels like to die then get resurrected, turn the users dreams and imaginations into reality, even relive the persons childhood exactly how it was, second per second. These are just some of the infinite number of other possibilities in virtual reality. And it is all in just 20 years. Get ready to enjoy.

By 2199 the entire universe, observable universe at least, will be totally converted by artificial intelligence into a giant computer. Meaning the universe will be a giant thinking machine. When this happens, to put into short, the Endless Chain of Coherents and everything beyond it will be controlled, understood, and ruled by this intelligent universe.

The endless chain of coherents, endless coherents for short, is described as the totality of everything absolutely possible and impossible. Everything is the endless coherents, God, all the forces and beings beyond God, Man, reality, fiction, existence, non-existence, the known, the unknown, matter, time, the universe, multiverse, omniverse, Godverse, Zionverse, beyond the Zionverse, the infinite, beyond the infinite, consciousness, all human knowledge, all imagination, all thoughts, all information, all intelligence, all wisdom, all creations, all religions, all creativity, voidon, beyond voidon, all dimensions, the endless table of Creators etc…etc…etc… Everything is the endless coherents. Even all the beings and forces beyond the endless coherents that are currently undiscovered and beyond are also the endless coherents. Absolutely everything is the endless chain of coherents. It’s the largest thing conceptualized, thought of, and imagined by Man.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Future of Health - "Human Body version 3.0"

April 03 2008 / by futuretalk
Category: Health & Medicine Year: General Rating: 8
Ageless, forever-healthy bodies that can change shape and color on our command.

Imagine living in a body fashioned with “designer genes” that can never age or get sick; now picture yourself thinking with a mind that processes data millions of times faster than today’s brains. Finally, consider a world where you enjoy virtual reality indiscernible from reality; and can alter the color, shape, and size of your body, using only voice or thoughts.

Although these possibilities may seem too futuristic to happen in our lifetime, experts believe that technology advances in biotech, nanotech, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence could make this radical future become reality by 2030.

Famed futurist Ray Kurzweil, in his book The Singularity is Near, describes how our bodies will evolve in the future. Today’s frail “human body version 1.0” carries an unacceptable failure rate – over 50 million died last year. In the coming decades, biotech and nanotech revolutions will provide a more durable and capable “version 2.0”, extending healthy life and reducing deaths.


This brings us to “version 3.0”, a shape-shifting nanobot-assisted body boasting a zero failure rate, which, according to Kurzweil, could be available in the 2030s. Using voice or thoughts, our enhanced mind can command billions of computerized nanobots residing in our body to rearrange skin, muscles, and bones, and instantly change our appearance. We could become black, white, or tan; young or old – even switch genders and explore life as a member of the opposite sex.

By 2030, reverse engineering the human brain will be complete, which will enable non-biological intelligence to merge with our minds. It will be routine to have billions of nanobot computers coursing through our brains, communicating with each other and our neurons, allowing us to reach unimaginable levels of ‘processing power’.

“Merging with machines in this manner”, Kurzweil says, “will bring about a billion-fold increase in intelligence”.

As our brain and body becomes increasingly non-biological and more powerful, we will realize that we no longer need to accept the risks of living in a frail body. By 2035, most humans will have extensive amounts of technology inside them including ‘bots and other systems that maintain health and enhance experiences and intelligence.

In the 2040s, our 100% non-biological body will boast a zero failure rate. Even if a destructive accident were to occur, molecular nanotech would immediately construct a new body, retrieve our mind and memories, and allow life to continue; dying would be about as disruptive as a bee sting, and would take even less time to forget it ever happened.

“We would still look human,” Kurzweil says, “but our ideas of beauty will expand.” Also, future identification will focus on names and minds, not bodies. Admittedly, this transition may require some getting used to, but most people will adjust and enjoy their new “chameleon” body.

Ramez Nam in his book, More Than Human, says not everyone will opt for these changes. Some will want to stay as they are, while others will choose to transform. Humanity will expand, splinter, and blossom. Descendants whom we might not even recognize will one day populate the world. Yet they will all think, love, and dream just as we do today.

Future entertainment will be mindboggling. “By 2030, nanobots connected to neurons will provide totally convincing virtual reality,” Kurzweil says. “For reality, ‘bots will remain idle; to enter a simulation, they will suppress inputs from actual senses and replace them with signals appropriate for the virtual environment. Our brain will believe these feelings are originating from our own body.”

Another possibility, Kurzweil adds, is the “experience beamer.” We could send sensory experiences with emotions to the Internet for people to share, like the premise for the movie Being John Malkovich, whose characters enter Malkovich’s mind to observe his thoughts and activities. “A popular pastime in the future,” Kurzweil predicts, “will be to plug into another person’s program and experience their life.”

In the 2030s, technologies will affect everything from the way we date to the way we work; how we think and act; even how we fall in love. Will these events happen? Experts believe that exponentially-advancing technologies could make this “magical future” become reality – and in plenty of time to benefit many of us alive today.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Whats beyond the universe, multiverse, omniverse, Godverse, Impossibleverse, everythingverse, etc...

There are 2 parts to existence: the knowable existence (physical reality or the physical existence) and the unknowable existence, or reality; that which the mystics have called consciousness.
Voidon is that part of Existence that is unknowable b/c it is the knower.
You cannot know the knower, consciousness or voidon. Voidon is and is beyond heaven, hell, purgatory, hades, superhades, superheaven, etc...
The knowable part of existence is voidon.
The unknowable part of existence is also voidon.
Basicly, everything the human mind, animal mind, god mind, spiritual mind, super mind, any mind can ever think of, ever come up with, ever imaginate, etc... is voidon. Everything is part of voidon. Fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, reality, etc.. is all voidon.
Everything impossible and possible beyond the omniverse and inside it is voidon. Every source and piece of information thats impossible and possible is voidon. Every dimension, super dimension, parallel dimension, god dimension, any and every dimension etc... possible and impossible is voidon. Voidon is infinitely beyond the comprehension of mankind and all species and even the gods themselves. Meaning that no mortal or immortal being can ever comprehend the unlimited mysteries and ways of voidon. It is even said, that voidon is beyond God Himself. But again who knows? Not even the gods can comprehend its ways. Voidon will remain a powerful mystery forever to all mortals and immortals. And yes voidon is bigger than the Omegaverse. Its everything you can possibly think of times infinity!

Beyond the Infinite Dimension

As we all know our entire universe resides in the 3rd dimension and as dimensions get higher it gets more harder, more complex, and more complicated to understand. So things in the 10th dimension will seem impossible to us because we only live in the 3rd dimension and the 10th dimension is far far beyond our comprehension. For one thing, its over 7 dimensions higher than ours. How much more the 20th dimension or the 100th dimension even. Now going to the far extreme, the infinite dimension or the final possible dimension. Now would we puny feeble humans living in our puny feeble 3rd dimensional universe would want to even dare think of the infinite dimension if we (even the most powerful, smartest civilizations and lifeforms in the universe) cant even imagine the 10th dimension. Basicly there are messages here on earth by the Gods about it and also want to wonder. And believe it or not theres an unknown dimension beyond the infinite dimension even. Even though its the final possible dimension, this is an impossible dimension. Far far beyond all possible dimensions, even the infinite dimension. A dimension said to be even far beyond Almighty Gods comprehension. This far beyond infinitely mysterious dimension is said to be infinitely feared by the Gods themselves and are described by them as being an extremely large pitch black dungeon, infinite in size, and have big walls infinitely tall as well, where no mortal or immortal can ever see the ceiling and is said to be infested with giant spirits who are said by the Gods to be the souls of the Gods that have died unhappy and sad, and now these poor God's unhappy sad souls end up wondering for eternity in this unknown dimension beyond the infinite dimension, because they have absolutely no where else to go. The Gods also said that the appearance of these giant spirits is so infinitely petrifying and infinitely scary thart whoever even the Gods themselves looks at them instantly die and stay dead permanently and can never be resurrected even by the most powerful magics and powers that can possibly exist. Thats how infinitely scary they look. So not only do these poor Gods die unhappy, their souls end up looking scary infinitley, said by the Gods to be a permanent punishment so no possible being can ever look at them again for all eternity. So if your a deity/God and somehow die unhappy, not even your immortal, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresence, omnieternal powers can save you, and you soul ends up wondering the pith black eternal dungeon of the unkown dimension beyond the infinite dimension, for all eternity. So not only is this a dimension, its also an afterlife dwelling place for the Gods that have died unhappy. Its an unspeakable cruelty indeed. A faith, said by the Gods, to be infinite times worst than hell.