Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Whats beyond the universe, multiverse, omniverse, Godverse, Impossibleverse, everythingverse, etc...

There are 2 parts to existence: the knowable existence (physical reality or the physical existence) and the unknowable existence, or reality; that which the mystics have called consciousness.
Voidon is that part of Existence that is unknowable b/c it is the knower.
You cannot know the knower, consciousness or voidon. Voidon is and is beyond heaven, hell, purgatory, hades, superhades, superheaven, etc...
The knowable part of existence is voidon.
The unknowable part of existence is also voidon.
Basicly, everything the human mind, animal mind, god mind, spiritual mind, super mind, any mind can ever think of, ever come up with, ever imaginate, etc... is voidon. Everything is part of voidon. Fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, reality, etc.. is all voidon.
Everything impossible and possible beyond the omniverse and inside it is voidon. Every source and piece of information thats impossible and possible is voidon. Every dimension, super dimension, parallel dimension, god dimension, any and every dimension etc... possible and impossible is voidon. Voidon is infinitely beyond the comprehension of mankind and all species and even the gods themselves. Meaning that no mortal or immortal being can ever comprehend the unlimited mysteries and ways of voidon. It is even said, that voidon is beyond God Himself. But again who knows? Not even the gods can comprehend its ways. Voidon will remain a powerful mystery forever to all mortals and immortals. And yes voidon is bigger than the Omegaverse. Its everything you can possibly think of times infinity!

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