Monday, January 4, 2010

The Future and the Endless Chain of Coherents

By the 2030s virtual reality allowing the user to be absolutely omnipotent will exist. This will in turn allow the user to do whatever he/she wants in their own virtual simulation regardless how bizarre or infinitely logically impossible it may be. Meaning the user could instantly transform into a favorite celebrity, turn into an atom, morph into tree, change the environment to whatever the user pleases, etc.. For the extreme, the user could morph into an infinitely tall monster that destroys galaxies, turn into a trillion hurricanes that wreaks havoc upon an infinitely large world filled with metropolitan cities, make 2+2 equal fish even, become infinitely intelligent, know how it feels like to die then get resurrected, turn the users dreams and imaginations into reality, even relive the persons childhood exactly how it was, second per second. These are just some of the infinite number of other possibilities in virtual reality. And it is all in just 20 years. Get ready to enjoy.

By 2199 the entire universe, observable universe at least, will be totally converted by artificial intelligence into a giant computer. Meaning the universe will be a giant thinking machine. When this happens, to put into short, the Endless Chain of Coherents and everything beyond it will be controlled, understood, and ruled by this intelligent universe.

The endless chain of coherents, endless coherents for short, is described as the totality of everything absolutely possible and impossible. Everything is the endless coherents, God, all the forces and beings beyond God, Man, reality, fiction, existence, non-existence, the known, the unknown, matter, time, the universe, multiverse, omniverse, Godverse, Zionverse, beyond the Zionverse, the infinite, beyond the infinite, consciousness, all human knowledge, all imagination, all thoughts, all information, all intelligence, all wisdom, all creations, all religions, all creativity, voidon, beyond voidon, all dimensions, the endless table of Creators etc…etc…etc… Everything is the endless coherents. Even all the beings and forces beyond the endless coherents that are currently undiscovered and beyond are also the endless coherents. Absolutely everything is the endless chain of coherents. It’s the largest thing conceptualized, thought of, and imagined by Man.

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